Thursday, August 11, 2022

Teacher Resource: Social Media Post Tracker

Hey friends and enemies!

I'm gonna date myself a little bit here: I grew up before the interwebs. Yep. As I joke with my students: I'm THAT old.

Social media doesn't always come easy to me. I have a love/hate relationship (or maybe a hate/hate) with some social media platforms.

However, I use social media to connect with others and to document my teaching and learning, so it's necessary for me.

But there's so many APPs and platforms. How's a lady to keep 'em straight? Make a chart!

This is the form I use to keep track of my social media posts across platforms such as Youtube, Teachers Pay Teachers, Instagram, Blogger, and Pinterest.

I just print this form out and write on it old school. Works for me, but you could be fancy and use it digitally since the Google Slide on Teachers Pay Teachers is editable.

This resource is customizable for the APPs & platforms you use, just download the Google Slide & edit to create the chart that works for you.

Please be kind and do not post this resource to the open web or alter it and then pass it off as your own resource.

I hope you find this resource helpful--ENJOY!

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