Wednesday, March 15, 2023

REPOST: Blank Artist Statement Form

Hey everyone! Last post for today (I think!)-

I was recently asked for the pdf for my Blank Artist Statement Form. I posted about this before, but realized that I never put it on my Teachers Pay Teacher site. 

I've been using this Artist Statement Form in my art classes since 2016!

I designed this Blank Artist Statement Form to help my upper elementary and middle school students write a better artist statement and reflect on their learning. I include it in every sketchbook I make for my students grades 5-8.

Younger students can write directly on the form and older students can use it to compose a final draft on the computer.


This one page handout/resource can be used for all types of artwork (2D and 3D). It's also a note-taking sheet so you can customize it for your specific lesson.

What you get:

THIS PURCHASE IS FOR A DIGITAL FILE ONLY. You will get a digital file for a one page black and white pdf of my Blank Artist Statement Form. Note: This file does not have any dates written on it, so you can use it for any year and any class!

How to use this file:
  1. Download the file from TpT
  2. Print on regular paper (not included with purchase) or share via Google Classroom, etc.
  3. Customize by having students take notes on it or use the backside to plan/sketch

You can use this printout on its own or glue it into a sketchbook

Legal Stuff/Niceness Clause:

I work hard to create these resources. I believe that you are using them for personal/classroom use and will only make copies for yourself and your classroom and will NOT resell these, repost my files (for free or for sale) or sell them as your own. Be kind!

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