Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Sketchbook Art (aka Art For Me): View From Our Campsite

We've been going to the same campground in Maine for about 10 years--it's one of our "happy places." 

Every year, we get there and set up and I immediately take the same photo--the view of the pond from our campsite. 

See how much of the pond we can see from the site? Gorgeous!

And then I put my phone and/or camera away and forget to take any more pictures. 

Guys, I have FOUR KIDS. I'm supposed to be documenting these memories! But that view! 

My favorite thing do do (besides sit on the beach) is to have a cup of coffee and look at that view. The kids are usually asleep and that helps with the relaxing vibe. :-)

So this year, I photographed the view and sketched it quickly. I had intended to do my regular Sharpie/watercolor treatment to it, but kept it in pencil and just relaxed. Sketchbook project: supposed to be relaxing and get me creating. 

The date is totally wrong!
But I was guessing and too lazy to find my phone.

What's your favorite view?


Supplies: pencil and sketchbook paper

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