Wednesday, August 10, 2022

New Demo Video: How To Use Elmer's Glue/How To Use PVA Glue

Hi friends and enemies!

The past couple of days I've spent trying to build some videos for demo purposes. I'm trying to be able to allow my students more independence and autonomy with art room techniques and materials.

Guys. Last year was brutal in terms of kids using glue. Many kids hadn't had art class in person for a couple of years and Elmer's glue is not something everyone has at home. I get it. Liquid glue is messy.

Flashback to my own kids chanting "Glue! Glue!" as they slowly emptied entire bottles onto their projects. True story. 

I had never really used lots of Elmer's with my upper middle schoolers in the past, but now that I am teaching more fifth grade and we are doing projects like collage, Elmer's glue is a big deal. Last year, I had students who didn't know how to open the glue bottles. II'm telling you, they DESTROYED the bottle trying to open them. I even had one class where FOUR STUDENTS completely took the tops off the bottles and just poured the glue onto their projects. Ummmm... Nope!

Ok, I admit, I may have failed to give a complete demo on how to use Elmer's glue, but come on!

Hence my glue slide I project now during collage projects. It helps.

My GLUE Google slide that is projected during times of duress, I mean, gluing. :-)

And my live gluing demos. And these videos. 

Dude, I'm covering all the bases when it comes to glue!

Last year I used a variety of Elmer's glue techniques with the students (both my fifth grade and adaptive art students) and we use glue the following ways:

  • Straight outta the bottle: dots and lines
  • Glue sponges
  • Applied with paintbrushes
They all have their merits. See the video for how each is used.

Here's the link for the video on my Youtube channel.


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