Friday, August 12, 2022

Teacher Resource: Content Creation Checklist

 Hey friends and enemies!

Let's Talk About Our Future...

As part of my long-term professional plan (that sounds so fancy!), I've been trying to document my teaching more. This means posting videos, blog posts, etc.

I'm not gonna lie: it's a lot to actually do and to keep track of. But the more I do it, the easier it gets.

The Solution:

The "keeping track of" is easy, I use this Content Creation Checklist. It has all of the steps that I use to make a video or other content and the steps I go through to get it done across platforms and APPs like Google Drive, WeVideo, Youtube, PicCollage, Blogger and Instagram.

Short term goal: get the content out there, document my teaching and create content that will help students (and me) in my classroom.

Mid-range goal: to share content that other art teachers could use in their practice

So how do I make the time to do this?

  • My kids are teenagers and pretty much ignore me. Just kidding (Am I?)! Either way, they require less hands-on micro managing.
  • It's summer break for me. Will I be able to sustain any of this while working full time and having all of those teens keeping me busy? Not sure. One day at a time.

Please be nice and don't steal or publish this to the interwebs at large, claiming it is your own. 


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