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Sometimes you know what you are looking for--you just need a little help to find it! The search feature for my blog (located on the right side of the page) is pretty good, but I thought a directory by artist would be helpful as well. Here we go!


Bearden, Romare: Storytelling Collages


Degas, Edgar: Degas in Motion



Giacometi, Alberto: Foil Figures (1); Dancing Figures; More Giacometti Figures (2); 
Goldsworthy, Andy: Nature Scupltures

Haring, Keith: Peace, Love & Keith Haring


Kandinsky, Wassily: Cow Parade; Kandinsky Circles; Kandinsky Media Study (1); Kandinsky Media Study (2);


McHugh, Tommy: (Video link)
Miro, Juan: Roll-a-Miro (1); Roll-a-Miro (2)
Mondrian, Piet: Cow Parade; Mondrian Art Portfolios
Monet, Claude: Water Lily Reliefs
Moon, Harvey: Robot Art (video link)



Pollock, Jackson: Marble Painting


Ringgold, Faith: Storytelling Quilts (1); All About Me Storytelling Quilts (2)
Rizzi, James: Cow Parade;



Thiebaud, Wayne: 2D Tasty Cakes (1); 2D Tasty Cakes (2); 3D Tasty Cakes; Cow Parade
Thomas, Alma Woodsey: Ripped Paper Collage (1); Ripped Paper Collage (2)


van Gogh, Vincent: Starry Night
Warhol, Andy: Cow Parade; Handy Andys; Warhol Self-Portraits;
Wright, Frank Lloyd: Stained Glass (1); Stained Glass (2)




This page updated January 2016


  1. So glad I discovered your website, what an awesome achievement. Everything, including the kitchen-sink in it and I thought my website was robust - 93 now, hope it is not too late. Voila.

    1. Thank you for stopping by and looking at my little piece of the internet! I've been away from it for a while, but I'm trying to get back to posting more. I really enjoy your blog as well. It's like chatting with a friend. Never too late!


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