Wednesday, August 10, 2022

My TpT Store: 3-2-1 Watercolor Pencils--A How To Video & Graphic Organizer

Hey friends and enemies!

This year, I'm teaching an elective class for Grade 8 called, "Choice Based Studio." Students will be able to choose their own projects to work on. This is an expansion of the final Choice project I usually do with grade 8 classes and I'm SUPER EXCITED to be offering students the opportunity to choose their own ART-ventures for an entire semester!

I've been creating some resources that students can use to learn the basics of art supplies. So many times I do the same demos over and over and it would be nice to be able to quickly refer students to a demo in case they missed it or need additional info. 

Creating demo videos has been in my mind for several years and now seemed the perfect time to move on it. I was worried I've make the videos too long and that the students would get overwhelmed by the info. 

Then along came my friend Jen. She teaches fifth grade at my school and we were sitting on the beach this summer chit-chatting about school and our prep we wanted to get done this summer. I was telling her about my video project and she suggested a 3-2-1 format. She uses this all the time with her students.

I thought about it when I went home and decided to structure my videos in that way. I even created a handout where students could practice the skills in the video and reflect on their learning.

3-2-1 Watercolor Pencils Video and Graphic Organizer

With this resource students will learn: 
  • What are watercolor pencils?
  • Three ways to use this art material
  • Two cool techniques
  • One thing to keep in mind

The link to the video on youtube.

If you use these resources, leave a comment below! I love to hear that people are enjoying my resources. 


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