Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Multi-Grade 1-Day Goodbye Project

I just finished 6 1/2 weeks as a long-term substitute art teacher at Fairgrounds Elementary School in Nashua, NH. I had a blast sharing my own art with the children (printmaking, collage, and graphic design and illustration) and creating some winter/spring- and artist-inpired projects that related to the type of art I create. It was a whirlwind, but hopefully I will be able to post more about all of those fun projects soon!

I wanted to share this wonderful goodbye project I did with my kiddos on the last day. I had multiple classes who were done their work and had one class left with me. This project was a nice one since it allowed me to prep once for 5 classes or so and all the students from Kindergarten through grade 5 were able to contribute to it. For the youngins, I read the book "The Dot" by Peter Reynolds afterwards and told them that today (and for the last 6 weeks) they've made their mark all over Fairgrounds (I'm big into collaborative art which is evident in the bulletin board displays I left up all over the school) and in my life as an art teacher.

This project idea came from Jennifer Boral over at The Art of Education (check it out over at Loved it and knew I had to try it. While I would have LOVED to do this project with all 500+ students, it just wasn't going to happen due to time constraints, etc. The finished piece is quirky and colorful and adds a bright pop of color as students go to music class and outside to recess.


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