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Kindergarten Projects From My Long-Term Sub Gig


So, it's been a busy Spring for me since I finished student teacherin' in December--I subbed a bit in preschool, kindergarten, elementary and high school and then landed a wonderful 6 1/2 weeks long-term sub gig at an elementary school nearby teaching art to grades K-5. What a blast I had--the students and staff at Fairgrounds rock and I was sad to go (it's hard to stop doing something you love when your next big thing isn't settled upon yet). Since then, I haven't blogged much because I've been daily subbing and working on my dang art teacher portfolio (more on that in a future post or ten). ANYHOW....I thought I'd break out some of the projects that appear in the collage here so that you had a bit more info on them...ENJOY!!

For more info on this awesome project--READ ON!
Kindergarten Art Projects From Fairgrounds Elementary School:

Week 1: Lots of Hearts (1 day)
A getting-to-know-you project.
Inspired by Valentine’s Day, students used chalk pastels to trace the outline of a heart shape (line) and then smudge the edges with cotton balls. Once the heart tracer is removed a glowing heart (shape) remains. Students were asked to repeat the procedure 5-6 times using whatever colors they wished.
Sorry, all I have of this project is my teacher example.
The finished pieces were WAY better!

Week 2: Picasso Bouquets (1 day) See post here
Inspired by Pablo Picasso’s drawing: Hands With Bouquet
Students looked at and talked about the drawing “Hands With Bouquet” by  Pablo Picasso. Students then used oil pastels to create a similar bouquet of flowers using circles and ovals and vertical lines. When they were done, I painted the palm of their hand with black paint and they stamped their handprint onto the work to look as though they were holding the bouquet.

Week 3 and 4: Mondrian Mixed Media Collages (2 days) From Art Room 104
Inspired by the work of Piet Mondrian
Students looked at the work of Mondrian and discussed how his work was similar to (and different from) the work of Picasso. Students then used scissors to cut squares and rectangles from paper to create a collage. On day two of the project, students added horizontal and vertical lines to the work using scraps of mat board and black tempera paint.
This is the info I put with my displays.
Many people comment about how helpful the info is.

A student example.

The finished display--there's one class in here, I think.

Inspired by the 19th and 20th Century Quilts from the Picturing America Series (Particularly the “Crazy Quilt” Image)
We reviewed the shapes we had been using the past few weeks and the art method they had used recently (collage). Students then used scissors, glue and a variety of papers to create individual quilt squares that had whatever colors and shapes they wanted. On day 2, the teacher used a hole punch to add holes to each quilt square (about 8 per square) and students used yarn to sew their quilt square. Individual student work was mounted together to create a whole-class composition displayed in the individual Kindergarten classrooms.

Each Kindergarten class made their own quilt for their classroom.

An example of a quilt square (they are 6" square).

I needed one more square and decided to create this piece--
the teachers LOVED the quote.
Week 7: Kandinsky group mural See post here
Inspired by Kandinsky’s color studies

Students used paint to create a composition of concentric rings based on the color studies by Kandinsky. Individual student work was displayed with other grade levels to create a multi-age group mural for the hallway.

A close-up of the individual 6" squares all glued together
onto the larger roll of paper using Elmer's glue (a dot in each corner).

The finished mural. Beautiful!!

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