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Fourth Grade Projects From My Long-Term Sub Gig

Here are some of the projects from my long-term sub gig that appear in the collage here so that you had a bit more info on them...ENJOY!! For the background about where I've been/what I've been doing lately, scroll to the end of the post...

Ahhh...Monet's waterlilies--what's not to love?
For details on this project, scroll on down...

Fourth Grade Projects From My Long-Term Sub Gig:

Week 1: Winter Assemblage (1 day) Full post here.
A getting-to-know-you project inspired by Louise Nevelson.
Students worked individually or with a partner to create a folded paper “box.” Students then used strips of paper and various paper folding techniques to create a dimensional relief inspired by winter. Individual student work was mounted together to create a whole-class composition displayed in the artroom.
What a fun project--it ended up being a great whole-grade
project and allowed students to collaborate--something I'm a HUGE fan of! 
Week 2 through 4: Monet Relief Landscapes (2 days) An alternate form of this project can be found here.
Inspired by Monet’s Waterlily paintings
Students used oil pastels with short strokes or color to create the “impression” of the water, vegetation and flowers seen in Monet’s gardens. The "base" for these pictures was a 4" x 6" index card from the dollar store (cheap!).

On week two, students could add dimensional details to their work such as tissue paper water lilies. Pieces were mounted onto mat board and presentation was discussed. I had picked up some mat board scraps that were sized perfectly for this project. Check around your area to see if you can find a framer who'll give you some scraps--mounting students' finished work really makes a difference (and "presenting" is part of the National Common Core Arts Standards!)

These came out so nice! I had wanted to do a display of them for the hallway (complete with a HUGE postcard from Monet), but I was afraid little fingers would pick off the lily pad tissue paper flowers--and many of the students wouldn't part with them and wanted to take them home ASAP!)--that is also why I don't have lots of examples of their work (I can't teach and take photos at the same time!).

While I encouraged students to add tissue paper water lilies,
I didn't force them. I love how graphic this bridge it--
it really stands out!
This is one of my favorites. I love the addition of the fish--
it looks like a koi pond.
Students needed to completely cover the white of the card
and use MANY colors in every section. 
Week 5 and 6: I am a STAR Project From the great Cassie Stephens, y'all
We talked about what makes us special (a.k.a. a "STAR"). Students created a folded 3D paper star and used Sharpie to add designs to each section of their star. They then used markers to add color to each section. 

Once they were done their star, students used metallic markers to write why they are a star (why they are special) onto the background paper. Once the star was adhered to the background, students used chalk pastels to add accent colors to their background. 

I don't have any picts of the stars the students did,
but here's the "test" one I did with my daughter who is in kindergarten.
The fourth graders didn't get quite as much art time with me as the other grade levels did. One week, they were on field trips another week I was at the NAEA conference in Chicago. Bummed about that, but I enjoyed getting to know them and creating art with them!

Backstory for this post:

So, it's been a busy Spring for me since I finished student teacherin' in December--I subbed a bit in preschool, kindergarten, elementary and high school and then landed a wonderful 6 1/2 weeks long-term sub gig at an elementary school nearby teaching art to grades K-5. What a blast I had--the students and staff at Fairgrounds rock and I was sad to go (it's hard to stop doing something you love when your next big thing isn't settled upon yet). Since then, I haven't blogged much because I've been daily subbing and working on my dang art teacher portfolio (more on that in a future post or ten). Check the sidebar (over on the right side of the blog) for other posts in this series (k-5 at Fairgrounds Elementary School). ENJOY!!

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