Monday, April 6, 2020

Distance Learning: Student Contact Log

Happy Monday!

Our district has been doing distance learning for three weeks and I wanted to share this "Student Contact Log" I created and have been using.

For our students, we need to track a couple of things:

  1. Tasks Assigned (Projects, questions, etc)
  2. Contact we've had with students (Via email, Live class sessions, Personal comments in Google Classroom, and Other)
  3. Grades (we use the online software Empower and a four point grading system)
I can track all sorts of things, such as: what I've asked from students, what they've done and when I've heard from them and there's a comment area so I can write when I've had to reach out to guidance, or a parent, etc. It's all available at a glance. 

But no matter what you are doing in your school, you may need a system for keeping track of it all. Check out this form and feel free to make a copy and make it your own.

My advice: Just keep it simple. If this is too much (or not enough), then create something even better. We are all under an enormous strain right now. We need to keep things as manageable (read: easy) as possible!

We've got this!

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