Thursday, June 7, 2012

Archimboldo Food Portrait by my Preschooler

Sometimes you need to just embrace fun. Today, when I was cutting up food for snack, my preschooler, Third Son, came up to me and started rearranging the cantaloupe on the plate to look like hair and a smile. It would have been easy to shoo him away. But, then I got an idea: out came the whipped cream, blueberries and strawberries and I asked him to make a picture with his food. Yep, "Play with your food, my boy!"

He made a butterfly, then a picture of a man with a goatee that looked like a family friend, then Santa Claus, then he settled on this guy:

"Fruit Man" by Third Son
(he even took the photo, too)

While he was eating, I grabbed my Art History book and showed him this painting by Renaissance painter Giuseppe Archimboldo entitled "Spring" (c. 1573). We talked and laughed about how funny the person in the painting looked and how yummy our people tasted.

I hope you have fun with your kids today!

Spring, 1573
Giuseppe Archimboldo

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