Thursday, May 19, 2011

Spring Art Show Pictures (2011)

Last night marked the Grande Finale of the home school cooperative that I teach art for. There were awards, a slide show and the much anticipated Art Show! Since I don't have any storage space, I did not keep pieces throughout the year, so I had to ask people to bring their art back in for the show. I don' think I'll do that again--we had a much larger show when I kept the childrens' artwork as we went. Live and learn! But here are some of the wonderful pieces from the show! 

This year's art classes have been a wonderful experience for me and I'm looking forward to returning to teach again this fall. I'm already starting to investigate projects we can do that explore next year's time period: the 1500's through the 1700's. Enjoy!

Tissue paper stained glass
Rose Window Stained Glass
Stained Glass Mosaics
Life Story Tapestry (About getting a new pet)

Life Story Tapestry (About moving to America)
Watercolor Demonstration (8 different techniques learned)
Watercolor Sea Creature 1

Watercolor Sea Creature 2

Watercolor Sea Creature 3

Watercolor Sea Creature 4
Medieval Metal 1
Clothespin Theater (Based on the Red Wall Book Series)

Clothespin Theater (Horse and rider)

Clothespin Theater (Rainforest Explorer)

Clothespin Theater (Prince & Princess)
 These are just a sampling of the projects from the past year--good job to all of my students! Hooray!

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