Saturday, July 3, 2021

Watercolor Necklace & Cricut Love

One thing about watching kid shows with your kid is that you get to see all sorts of fashion for the younger set. A couple weeks ago we were watching "Nicky, Ricky, Dicky and Dawn" on Netflix and their friend Mae (who's like 10, mind you), was wearing this awesome geometric watercolor necklace. 

I sat up and took notice! WOAH! As an art teacher, watercolorist AND funky homemade jewelry-wearer, I WANTED THAT NECKLACE!!

But how? I searched the interwebs to see if I could find it--or anything like it, but, nope. So I started plotting, I mean, making a plan...I wanted something sturdy and the edges needed to be sharp and clean. My son has a 3D printer, but the thought of plastic poking me made me sad. And trying to get a 19-year-old boy to get all hyped up about jewelry and design his mama something ASAP might be tricky and involve lots of bribery.

And then, I got the Cricut machine I ordered. I splurged (for me) on the Cricut Explore Air 2 Everything Bundle from I wanted lilac but waited too darn long and needed to get the mint. Also an OK color (but I looooooove lilac. SIGH.). 

Anyway! I was scrolling through the Cricut Design Space, teaching myself how to do simple projects to get acquainted with the machine and (cue angels singing) I saw the necklace! OK, it was teal and full of holes where the watercolor bits should be, but you know what I'm saying!! And it had earrings!!! I love me a matching jewelry set!

So, I made it! It's multiple layers of black cardstock and one layer of Cotman Watercolor Paper (similar) I had painted with my favorite colors. The watercolors I'm using are professional grade and from my second time going to college (or maybe even my first--it was a summer class, so its hard to remember. SO let's just say, they are, AHEM, old). Just use the best quality watercolors you can if you are looking for something to last and stay bright. Then I mod podged the heck out of the layers. And then added more mod podge. Like a lot. Work on wax paper so that it doesn't stick to your work surface. 

Then I added findings (similar). This is another one of the projects I'm doing this summer that uses stuff I have on hand. I'm trying not to buy more stuff unless necessary to finish a project. We'll see who that goes!

I made both the original (full of holes) and my version. The earrings are full of holes and are meant to match both necklaces. 

I'm in love!!!

Supplies: 2-3 pieces of 12" square black cardstock, one 4"x6" piece of watercolor paper, watercolors, watercolor brush and supplies, Cricut machine and supplies, Mod Podge glossy, brush, waxed paper, jewelry findings in silver. 

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