Thursday, July 29, 2021

Six F's of a Great Classroom Manager

Nobody wants a big ol' "F" in their sketchbook, but I have one and I'm loving it!!

I've pledged to follow more inspiring people on Instagram lately--filling my feed with positivity! Somehow that includes LOTS of guinea pig photos where they are dressed up and riding in remote control jeeps. Not sure how the IG algorithm works, but I like it!! How can you have a bad day after watching a guinea pig video?!

Anyhow, one of the amazing people I began to follow just today is Dr. Marcia Tate (@drmarciatate). She has all sorts of  positive messages for teachers--and we all need that!

One that stuck out as I was scrolling through her feed: The 6 F's of a Great Classroom Manager. They are:

  • Be Fair
  • Be Firm
  • Be Flexible
  • Be Fun
  • Be Friendly
  • Be Forgiving
Absolutely LOVE this. Right away, I knew I had to put it in the new journal I've started. The 6 F's are so affirming to me--I'd say that this is how I am as a mom and as a teacher. In my opinion, you have to be all of these dealing with middle school and high school students. This doesn't mean my classroom and home is out of control--although some may question that. 

I think I run a pretty great classroom and home, but I also strike a nice balance between fun and work and most times work can even be fun (shhhhhh.....)! When students know you care about them--truly--they will work harder for you, care about their work, and behave better. Truly. 

So this is going in the journal and I'm gonna look at it when I need the inspiration. And since I'm following Dr. Marcia Tate on IG, I'll have a lot more positivity in my future IG feed!

Supplies: Prang watercolors (16 colors), Pigma Micron Pen (PN)

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