Friday, July 30, 2021

Funky Polymer Clay Earrings

I haven't been teaching long, but the longer I do, the more I embrace my art teacher vibe. Maybe it comes with being in my, gulp!, mid-forties--I'm just gonna embrace who I am!

I LOVE dress up days at school and often dress up the entire week of Halloween and the entire month of December. I have at least a dozen ugly sweater and five totes of dress up clothes--just in case. 

Yep. It's a thing.

I also LOVE funky jewelry. It used to be just colorful jewelry, then it was big jewelry, and now it's totally funky! The students LOVE seeing my weird jewelry and it's fun to link my jewelry to the day's lesson or my mood (coffee and donut earrings are my favorite to wear when I just need a boost to get through the day!). 

I make polymer clay earrings out of the little scraps the kids at school leave after their projects--it's amazing how little polymer clay you need to make earrings! I'm no expert--I envy those artists who can work so small! I'm thankful for my OttLite and my reading glasses.

This time I made a few new pairs of art-teacher type earrings: dogs.
Food-related earrings are a favorite of mine!

And I love me some Bob Ross!

I also made some fun squiggle earrings inspired by the amazing earrings from Argia Jewelry Designs I saw on Instagram @argia_jewelry_designs. Argia Jewelry Designs is a trio of siblings that make and sell polymer clay jewelry. Here's a photo of some of their designs for Pride Month:

My children saw me creating and got into the game too--my daughter made some rubber ducky earring and my 19-year-old made some tiny jet ski earrings for his girlfriend (that girl is sooooo patient and listens to his obsessive talk about fixing jet skis and remote control cars, and well, all things mechanical. All. The. Time.). 

I hope you are inspired to embrace the funky and have fun with your wardrobe!


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