Friday, July 2, 2021

Lighthouse From Terra Cotta Pots

I'm on summer break now and as I'm catching up on cleaning and purging all of the unwanted items from my home, I'm taking some "me" time--time to do things for myself (puzzles, journaling, reading, sketching, creating art and doing crafts). This past year was HARD as a teacher (and a mom and a human) and I'm enjoying some self-care!

The puzzle I'm currently working on is a Vintage Lighthouse Poster puzzle by Eurographics.

It's been wonderful looking at all of the illustration styles of these posters as well as dreaming of visiting them! Side note: my daughter and I are hooked on the Netflix series "The World's Most Amazing Vacation Rentals" and we're in love with the Sitka Lighthouse in Alaska--definitely going there someday!!

So, back to cleaning and purging...I had bought some terra cotta pots to make a mini lighthouse for the garden years ago and finally decided that it was time. Either make it, or clear the space! 

I sprayed the pots with Rustoleum "Boston White" spray paint, used acrylic paint for the red and black and used hot glue to attach the rope and pebbles. Hot glue should be OK for this as it is under a covered porch and hot glue melts at 200-250 degrees F. I'll let you know if anything goes awry as it ages. The solar light is from a local store and cost me $10 (I hadn't bought that when I originally bought the pots. 

I am so happy with the results. The light really lights up at dark and illuminates my front porch a bit. And, BONUS: I now have three terra cotta pots out of my shed!

What projects do you have that you could revisit? Maybe give them a go, or pass them on!

Supplies: Three terra cotta pots that stack, solar light that fits into the pot on top of stack, Rustoleum "Boston White" spray paint, red, black and brown acrylic craft paint, Rustoleum clear varnish for outdoor use, rope, pebbles, hot glue.

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