Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Dollar Store Flip Flop Collage Craft

I live in my flip flops during the summer (and have the tan lines on my feet to prove it!). So when I saw this cute project on Artrageous Afternoon, I knew it would be great for my Recycled Art class, but also just plain fun, too! 

You'll "flip" for this summertime craft!

First, we traced my flip flops onto lightweight cardboard (we used poster board). Make sure you make two flip flop soles--one for each foot! We also cut out some 1" x 8" strips of card stock for the straps of the flip flops (you'll need 2 strips per flip flop).

Then, we decorated our flip flop "soles" by using strips of magazine paper to fill up the background and then cut neat summery images from magazines to show our summer plans or what we love to do during the summer. I encouraged the children to cover the entire surface of the sole--I didn't want to see any cardboard showing through.

We used hole punches to punch holes in the straps and the sole of each flip flop and then secured them together with one of those metal fasteners (mine were leftover from another project, but you can get them at craft stores and some office supply stores). We secured the other ends of the straps to the underside of the soles with tape.

Lastly, we hot glued our flip flops to a piece of sandpaper (a pack of 12 is $1 at the dollar store) to make our flip flops on a sandy beach. So fun!!

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