Tuesday, January 12, 2016

Looking for a last-minute project for antsy students? Masking Tape Graffiti!

Not that this post comes at the proper time of the year up here in New Hampshire, but Pin It for later...

Ahhhh, the last day of the semester. Art projects done, self-assessments done, art room clean (ha!), and antsy 7th graders with nothing to do. Uh-oh! Not on my watch! I did this project last year with the 7th grade students on the last day of art class (and almost the last day of school, so they were on summer vacation in their minds already!). I saw this fabulous post by Ian Sands at the Art of Ed entitled Five (Almost Legal) Street Art Projects and knew it was just the thing for my students!

How clever was this to use the manhole covers as eyes?!

So, I grabbed a roll of masking tape per student, some scrap paper and pencils for planning, and some print-outs of masking tape murals from the Interweb and led them outside for some sunshine and art!

Students could work alone or in teams and they had one 50 minute art class to create their masterpieces. Here's some of what they come up with:

How do you know when your abstract composition is done?
When someone writes "DONE" next to it!

Get it?! The Wall! Seriously, middle school students are awesome!

I had one of the guidance counselors come by and "judge" the compositions and first and second place winners had bragging rights and received a $5 gift card to the nearby convenience store/art school hangout. Murals stayed up for the rest of the day and were taken down after school, sadly, by me (I say "sadly" because I wished they could have stayed up longer!).

This project is a great one--try it out!

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