Friday, January 23, 2015

Guest Post! Lights, Camera, Action!

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a session at the Educational Theater Collaborative's (ETC) Integrated Arts Conference at Plymouth, NH with my colleague and friend, Tiffany Dube. One of the "challenges" we had for the participants was exploring blog writing and I offered a posting on my blog to get them started. 

This post by Jean Butler and Ashley Shorb describes the Integrated Arts Conference in general. These posts were generated by the participants at the conference and reflect their thoughts and beliefs. I'm just happy to post! Enjoy!


New Hampshire Integrating the Arts Conference 2015

Today 50 Arts educators and Artists converged at Plymouth State University to enrich ourselves and share creative and innovative ideas about integrating the arts into the classroom. We are surrounded by glowing visual arts projects and new and very high energy. The NHDOE arts consultant, Marcia McCaffrey, tallied how many students we impact in a year and found the number to over 19,090 students in New Hampshire. Each attendee participated in two workshops.  Workshops were themed around the musical “The Sound of Music” which is being performed at the Silver Center for the Arts in Plymouth, NH.

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