Friday, January 23, 2015

Guest Post! Connecting Movement with Math Concepts

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to lead a session at the Educational Theater Collaborative's (ETC) Integrated Arts Conference at Plymouth, NH with my colleague and friend, Tiffany Dube. One of the "challenges" we had for the participants was exploring blog writing and I offered a posting on my blog to get them started. 

This post by Jaylene Bengtson and Bob McNutt describes a session they attended prior to mine called "Sixteen Going On Seventeen: Math Meets Movement" led by Rene Martinez. These posts were generated by the participants at the conference and reflect their thoughts and beliefs. I'm just happy to post! Enjoy!


The writers chose this image by Keith Haring
because of the movement it represents.

In our first breakout session we learned how movement can be utilized to support math concepts in a variety of levels across grade levels. We experienced how to make both physical and mental connections that reinforced the learning of difficult mathematical expressions. Coming from both Art Education and Physical Education we can incorporate our own ideas teaching different units with movement.  It can also be used in a variety of other teaching professions.  Great session lead by Rene Martinez and we highly recommend using movement in the classroom.

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