Thursday, November 21, 2013

Neat photo my 3-year-old took

All of my children have digital cameras--my mother bought them cameras for Christmas one year. They love them and, over the years, have documented important events such as their Grandma's 70th birthday and a little sibling's arrival into the world.

I remember my own 110 camera and Disc camera! Man, I loved those cameras!

When children are allowed access to their own cameras they also will document other things that mean something to them: my children have taken lots of pictures of Lego creations, favorites toys, and me in my nightgown (argh!). They also took pictures of our cat, Marty, before he died (he had cancer and kidney failure). It really helped them with the grieving process, I think, to cuddle with Marty and they often look at the pictures of themselves with Marty when they miss him.

Of course, I've deleted many a digital photo--like the series of close-ups of the couch or the rug taken without knowing! But here's a neat photo my 3-year-old recently took of our German Shepherd, Ruby. I really like it.

So, if you are looking for a Christmas gift for a child in your life--consider a digital camera (and possibly, a camera case). Prices for digital cameras are much more reasonable now and you can get one for under $50. We have a couple of the Fisher-Price ones that can be dropped (and they have), but a child over 7 or so may want a camera that looks more like a grown-up one. Either, way, it is a wonderful way for your child to experience the world!


  1. From the time my son was around 3 or 4, he always had his own camera, beginning with one of those Fisher-Price ones. Every vacation photo I have of him as a little boy shows him with that bright blue camera strapped around his neck! Now, today, almost 25 years old, he is STILL an avid photographer and actually does a lot of the photography for his job, working for an event planning firm! Cool, no?

    1. So cool! My children are young and I'm *hoping* one of them, at least, loves art like me, but "shhhh!" don't tell them! I bought a pinhole camera kit for my oldest son--I hope he likes using that--he loves to build and he enjoyed a photography class he took so, fingers-crossed!


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