Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Tints Landscape With Charcoal

I love working one-on-one with students! It's just the break I need in my week. I get to focus on art and one person and really enjoy both!

Today, my 3rd grade private art student finished this beauty. I am so proud of her! I had originally seen this post called "Winter White Landscape Paintings" at the blog A Faithful Attempt and loved them! The landscapes are done in tints of blues (in tempera!) and then the details added with charcoal pencils. LOVE IT! Honestly, I didn't think of temperas as a serious art paint, but I am so glad we tried this. I have completed my own piece and have another in the works--they are pretty addicting to create!

So, enjoy my student's work and hop on over to A Faithful Attempt to see how her students did it--and try one for yourself! You'll be glad you did!

With this project, my student learned:

• Color that are mixed with white are called "tints" and there can be many tints of a color!
• How to select a composition to paint (visual interest, balance, value range, etc.)
• How to use opaque water-based paint (tempera) to paint a landscape in layers and in multiple steps that require planning
• How to add details and value to a piece using charcoal pencils and the different ways of applying them as well as grades of softness
• One point perspective (fence) and direction of light and its effects on the shadows in a composition


  1. Gorgeous! I tend to stay away from charcoal...for some reason charcoal is to me what nails on a chalkboard is for others! I hate that scratching noise it makes...drawing class was torture for me in college because that's all we were allowed to use! Very nice shadows...

  2. Thanks for the mention! Your student did a phenomenal job! I absolutely LOVE her painting.

  3. Glad we did your lesson justice! ;-) Both of my private students who did this project absolutely loved them (me too! I made two pieces myself using this technique). Thank you for stopping by!


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