Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Top 10 Posts of 2012: Create Art With Me!

When I look back on the projects I've done with my students in 2012, I'm very happy. I don't post every project I do with my students, I just can't right now. But I do try to post enough to strengthen the link between home and school for my students. We've all been there, as parents, when we ask our child what  s/he did in school today, only to receive a one syllable reply. My blog tries to keep the lines of communication open between me, my students, the parents, and the administrators with which I work.

Upon looking back at my posts from 2012, here are the Top 10 Viewed Posts from my blog. Some of them surprised me (Love Bird in Oil Pastels) and some just beg to be done (Modern Day Adinkra Cloth). I hope you'll take a minute to view these projects and try out something new in 2013!

10. Modern Day Adinkra Cloth (231 Page Views)

9.  Love Bird in Oil Pastels (242 Page Views)

8. Only One You (264 Page Views)

7. One Point Perspective Landscape (273 Page Views)

6. Zaire (Congo) Masks (315 Page Views)

5. Claus Oldenburg Food Sculptures (399 Page Views)

3. Paper Plate Dream Catchers (697 Page Views)

2. Andy Warhol Hands (953 Page Views)

And tied for first place, each with 1778 Page Views:

Thank you to everyone who stopped by my humble blog in 2012 and checked out what I've been up to with my Art Explorers. Thank you to the families who allow me to spend time with their precious little ones making a mess and having fun. And thank you to my students for their creativeness and energy--I have the best group of kids who are always up for anything. You make me want to be the best teacher possible.

Have a wonderful New Year!!

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