Thursday, October 13, 2016

Positive and Negative Space Sketchbook Activity/Worksheet


We are moving right along with a wonderful unit on Art Nouveau with the seventh graders (details of the process to come in future posts). Phase One: they are using Blick Ready Cut to create nature prints that demonstrate positive and negative space. I brought out a few fine art images and we discussed positive and negative space and I had them do a quick journal/sketchbook activity that is perfect for developing their print idea (I didn't want to influence the "nature" subject matter of their print design, so we did this exercise with art supplies I had in the classroom).

Positive/Negative Space Scissors

Image source: Matt Klaber at Butler Tech
First, I showed them this great illustration of positive and negative space from  Matt Klaber at Butler Tech.  I then had them:

  1. Draw two boxes side by side on a page of their sketchbooks. 
  2. Select an object from the bin of goodies I provided OR something in the room.
  3. Using pencil, trace or draw that object as many times as they could in the boxes they created.
  4. In one box, color the POSITIVE space using a marker of their choice. In the other box, color the NEGATIVE space with the same color.
Ta-da! Here's some results:
Binder Clip

Glue Stick

Hole Punch

Silk Flower

Masking Tape Roll

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