Friday, March 4, 2016

One day project: Winter Landscapes

This is a getting-to-know-you project I used with some second graders at a school I'm working at temporarily. They are great kiddos and VERY enthusiastic artists! It was fun to see what they drew on their "winter walk through the woods" (snowmen, critters, cabins, and more) and the lovely skies they created! Even though it was 15 degrees outside, we could take a walk in the woods and stay nice and warm!

This project is from Mrs. Knight's Smartest Artists...I should have had them add paint dots for snow in their skies as well---ah, NEXT time!


VOCAB: landscape, foreground, background, perspective, scale

CROSS-CURRICULAR CONNECTION: science (the seasons/winter)

MATERIALS: 9x12" white drawing paper, gray crayon, black crayon, watercolor paints (I used biggie cake paints I found in the art room), brushes.

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