Monday, May 5, 2014

Spring is here in NH!

OK, I have to brag! That's what you get then you follow a blog of a mom of four! :-)

My oldest son, took a wonderful photo this weekend! He was retrieving a ball that had got stuck in a beauty bush in our yard and was surprised to find two robin's eggs in a nest we thought had long been forgotten!

He took the photo with the iPad and immediately posted it to Instagram for his "peeps" to see (couldn't resist). We were looking at the photo together and I told him how much I truly liked the composition and he said the most wonderful thing..."I love photography."

SIGH, I ain't gonna lie--this artsy momma was happy! Not just because it is nice to have a child who is interested in art, but because I always like to see people talk about things that they love to do: read, dirt bike ride, scrap book, cook, etc. I love to see people light up when they talk about their passions.

And the photo was even accepted on our local TV station's website:
So now he's famous! :-)

So, enjoy this bit of spring from NH care of my 12-year-old!

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