Monday, March 4, 2013

Fun Calder Fish

One of my private art students is open to any art project...while we work I talk to her about all sorts of art and artists and I've been letting her interests guide our studies. She had done the Calder Monogram Mobile project I posted here, but one of Alexander Calder's sculptures I showed her inspired her. of our next sessions, I got out some wire (in a variety of guages and colors) and lots of different kinds of beads and I let her go to town! 

It was great talking about Calder's work with her and then watching her make choices for her fish mobile. This was also a great project for problem solving (How do you get the beads spaced evenly along the wire? And, How do you keep the vertical rows of beads still within the fish "frame"?). 

When she was done, we created a stand for her mobile using a cork with a clothes hanger stuck in it, glued to a piece of mat board (this is my standard mobile "base").


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