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Tuesday, August 20, 2013

I call this picture: Accountability

My husband, children, and I live in a smallish house. Our goal: to utilize every bit of space. Not easy when you are an art hoarder like me. You know, "Let me save this, I can use that in a project." Yeah, it's like that.

So, when I noticed this little storage room in my husband's garage (I know!) not being used to it's full potential, I hinted that it would make a nice studio for me. And hinted, and hinted. I think he wasn't too crazy about wifey moving into man town. But long story short: I am.

So, here's my future art studio in the process of being decluttered and emptied so that I can paint and move in. I posted these photos not to show our messy storage room to everyone around the world, but to hold myself accountable. I need a space for my art stuff and to work, and we need to "get this show on the road" (a phrase my 11-year-old says that I state quite often).


  1. I'm doing the same thing, but with my adult son's former bedroom! The walls are noe painted, the new curtains sewn and hung, the carpet torn out; next step is installing the floor which unfortunately requires my husband's assistance/intervention (he actually insists that I do NOT help with it; doesn't seem to think this old art teacher can't properly wield a utility knife!? When it's done I'll be posting before and after on my blog! Meanwhile, good luck with your 'space reallocation'!!

  2. Hmmm where did my other comment go? If it shows up, feel free to delete this one!

    Anyhow - what I think I said was we also have a small house, and I am also in the process of creating an art studio space - in my adult son's former bedroom (there will be a bed in the studio so he can still come home to visit!). Good luck with your renovation, and keep your eyes on my blog for when I finally post my finished room in the next couple of weeks (I hope). Hope you will show us yours when it is done too.


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