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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Meet Justin Beaver: Easy Paper Puppets

My children have a wonderful art teacher, Mrs. Prescott-Ninness. I am thrilled with the projects she does with them: foam printmaking with brayers, Monet-inspired oil pastels, pottery on the pottery wheel, and more!

"Baby, Baby, Baby, ooooooooh Baby!"

This week, she's having the children in a few grades create paper puppets similar to those I posted in my "Wild Valentine Puppets" in February. The children made a folded paper head for their puppet and then could add features, a body, and more using only cut paper and glue (no drawing). This is the puppet my oldest son came up with: it is a crazed beaver (I don't know what the deal is with kids and crazy beavers--my home school kids made some with the "Big Mouth Critter" earlier this month).

It frustrates him terribly that his brothers, dad, and I have taken to calling his puppet "Justin Beaver." Hee hee! Sometimes it is just TOO FUN being a parent!

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