Art teachers were STEAM-ing before STEAM was cool!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

More African Masks...

I just can't get enough of these masks! The children in my after school art class did a great job with color and symmetry and pattern!

For the original lesson, click here.

Enjoy these colorful and unique masks!


  1. these are beautiful! what did you use for the mask material and how did you attach the eyelid "hoods"? great work

    1. Hi Andrea! I use white poster board for the masks--I get 6 from one 20"x 30" sheet. The eyelids are also poster board and they are half circles. Cut 1/4" slits along the straight edge of the half circle and then slide the eyebrow through a slit in the mask. Fold the little tabs up and secure on the back of the mask with a piece of tape. It's a bit hard to explain...but once you try it it makes more sense. Good luck!


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