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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Art Jobs Sign

In this part of my art educator career I would call the "Art on a Cart" Stage, except there's no cart. I travel around from place to place with the art supplies for that day's craft. I picked up a handy little tote that is working out pretty well this year. It had trays and bins inside and my yogurt containers that I keep my supplies in fit in there very well. I also have a tote bag my mom embroidered for me with my name and an artist's palette on it. That's where I keep my lesson plans and the reference books I'll be using for the class.

The front of the "Art Jobs" Sign, clothespins with students' names clip around the outside edges. This sign has sections for 16 different jobs, but you can adjust your sign to your needs.
The problem with being a gypsy art teacher is that I need to be able to cleanup ASAP. I'm the last class in both places I'm teaching at and they want me gone as soon as I can so they can finish up and go home themselves. I usually struggle with wanting to have the children clean up after themselves and wanting to "just do it myself" and be done. I've been working on encouraging the children to pick up, but I have been met with blank looks and/or averted eyes by some of the children who aren't as keen on cleaning up as they are socializing. So, I created the "Art Jobs" Sign from some stuff I had on hand. It isn't too pretty, but it gets the job done--or, rather it helps the kids get the job(s) done!

Supplies Needed:

  • Card stock for sign (in the colors you would like)
  • Letter stickers (or you could print something out on the computer)
  • Sharpie & Ruler for dividing the sign into sections
  • Resealable plastic folder (mine is 10"x14")
  • Clear Contact paper or packing tape
  • About 36" of cord to hang the piece
  • Spring-type clothespins (1 per child)

1. Make a sign that says "Art Jobs" on card stock. Decorate as desired. 

2. Use the ruler and Sharpie to create boxes to write art jobs in. Use the Sharpie to write some of the jobs that happen every week such as "pick the trash up off of the floor" and "wipe tables." Leave some boxes blank for special jobs that come up less frequently. I filled in a few that say: "Pick up:" and left room to write the specific supply with a dry erase marker as needed.

3. Attach the sign to the front of the envelope. Cover with contact paper (clear adhesive film) or packing tape.

4. Attach the cord to the envelope if you'd like to be able to hang the piece up. I taped the cord under the flap on the envelope with packing tape so it doesn't come off.

5. Use the Sharpie to write the name of each of your students on clothespins. When not in use, store the clothespins in the envelope. I also keep my dry erase markers and a paper towel to use as an eraser in the envelope as well.
The back of the "Art Jobs" Sign. Keep the supplies you need right inside the envelope so you won't be hunting around for a marker when you need it!

6. Before class, use the dry erase marker to write the supplies that will need to be picked up after class and add any other jobs that you can think of to ease the packing up process. Clip the clothespins with the children's names on them around the perimeter of the envelope to assign them jobs. 


If you end up making this chart, send me a picture of it and I'll upload it here! I'd love to see what you create!

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