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Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Art Signs & Portable Display Boards

I have been getting everything ready to send the two oldest children off to school (done!) and now I'm preparing for my art classes. I am scheduled to have four classes per week in four different places, so I am thinking portability is the way to go with my materials! I also have been yearning for a couple of bulletin boards even though I don't have a room of my own. Here's what I've come up with so far:

Changeable Art Signs
I wanted an art sign that I could use for my bulletin boards, binder covers, and for signs around the schools I'd be teaching at (possibly pointing the way to my classroom). I wanted something bold and fun and handmade, but I didn't want to make a dozen signs up (and I can't possibly know ALL of the signs I'll need three weeks before I need them!). So, I created the background of the sign with cut paper. I went with the iconic palette and brush. I then picked up some cardstock letters at the craft store that have upper and lowercase letters in one pack. I use the poster tack putty to temporarily hold the letters I want on my sign & then make a color photocopy of the sign-VOILA! Instant sign that forms a cohesive "look" to my art class materials.

Word Wall
In my art classes I do introduce a variety of art vocabulary to my students. This vocab isn't tested or anything (since my classes are for elementary students and are more for "enrichment"), but I saw an idea I had to try on this blog I like called For The Love of Art . This site is wonderful! She shared a few pictures of her classroom and one of the pictures was for an art room "Word Wall." Great! Now I'd have a place to track all of the words my students have learned all in one place. Yippee! I created mine from a display board I bought at a discount store, placed my cardstock letters on it & covered the entire thing with Contact paper. I then attached my laminated "Word Wall" sign with velcro so I can remove and/or change the sign in the future if I want to.
The vocab will be written on 1"x3" labels so I can add
and remove as necessary.

Where & When Board
Another thing I've been wanting to do with my students is show them where and when the art is occurring. This board has a world map laminated on it permanently, but the timeline and sign are stuck on with velcro so I can change them as needed. This timeline has art and world history dates from the 1400's-1700's since that is what I'm covering in my first art class. We'll be moving through history in a linear fashion (pretty much) and I'm planning on using a red piece of yarn to connect the point on the timeline to the place on the globe that relates to the art form or artist we are covering that week. I just have to make a snazzy "you are here" sort of marker. I also want to take an example of the art project that we did each week, print it out and temporarily attach it to the board so that we can see how things are progressing in class (and in time). This will be awesome to display at the final art show of the year.
Right now, I'm using the board to plan my "Art Around the World" classes,
beginning in late September.

So, that's what I've been up to! Enjoy!


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