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Saturday, July 16, 2011

Summer fun...well, sort of....

Well I must say I am embarrassed at not posting for a few weeks! All of my children are done school, my homeschool art class is done and we're enjoying some summer fun! Although I haven't posted anything here, we have been doing a bit of art since school finished up.

Before school ended, I went into 2nd Son's classroom and did a presentation on being an artist. I spoke to the children about different kinds of art and different careers they could choose to do if they enjoyed art. They then created a project where they drew a "masterpiece" on a pillow with fabric markers and had their friends sign the pillows. So cute!

We also created a few things for my hubby for Father's Day. Of special note, we made a tee shirt for him that says "Best Dad, Hands Down" and has each of the children's handprints on it. While not a totally original idea, this project was fun and easy to make.

We went camping twice and I made sure that I brought a bin of art supplies with a new sketchbook for each of my boys. When they'd get "bored" I'd suggest making a card for a friend back home or drawing from life. The boys ran around looking for insects to draw and once they got started, they drew pages of hot rods, monsters, family pictures, etc.

And through all of this I have been planning the art curriculum for my art class for the fall. This year, the co-op has asked me to focus on the art from 1500-1700 A.D. That would include Early Renaissance, Renaissance, and Early American art. Because that time period was also full of exploring, I'm also going to have units on Chinese art, African art and the art of the Americas (that would include both North and South America). I am so excited about all fo the wonderful projects we'll be doing (and I'll be posting them here).

So, now that I've written about all of the artsy things my family has been up to these past few weeks, I feel much better! I think summer is a time to regroup and plan and enjoy the outdoors. I am thankful that the days are sunny and warm and I can be outside with my children enjoying swimming and camping. The art projects will come...for now, I'm enjoying my children!

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