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Friday, March 11, 2011

I'm An Artist

I've always loved doing art--any kind of art. My mom still has drawings of mine created in first and second grade. I chose all the art classes I could in high school, won some awards, and some of the art from that time still hangs in my house.

I went to school to be a Graphic Designer and Illustrator and got a job doing both (a rare treat for an Illustrator!). Once I had my son, I was laid off, and took it as a blessing since I was able to stay home with my precious little guy! But art...it kind of took a backseat. I was too busy cooking, cleaning and tending to all of the everyday needs of my son. I realized I hadn't picked up a paintbrush in a long time. My two-year-old knew that people could be mechanics, waiters, doctors, etc., but did my son know that I was an artist? It was so much a part of me--how could he not know it? But I wasn't living it!

So, I started saying, "I am an Artist." I started doing more craft projects with my son and I let him see my draw, paint, sew and play around with all sorts of media. I know one thing: I am happiest when I am being creative.

It hasn't always been easy: with four kids, my ability to sit down and "do" comes and goes in terms of time and energy. But I'm always thinking creatively. I explore my creativity in all aspects of my life: with food, crafts with the children, creating Halloween costumes, decorating their rooms and making little gifts for them.

I haven't had my own show at a museum yet (and I may never, based on the "art" I do currently), but now, if you ask my children about their mom, they will say, "she is an artist."

I am an artist!

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